MX-7 (Air)
 Milling Machine

MX-7 (Air) Diagram

A. Lock/Loosen lever: allows model/platform to rotate 360 degrees

B. Lock/Loosen lever: allows model to be tilted and locked at desired angle

C. Lock/loosen knob: locks model on tilt platform

D. Motor/Collet

E. Motor Lock/Loosen lever

F. Motor Depth Stop

G. Motor Governor

H. Motor Arm Spindle

I. Vertical Adjustment: Motor Arm Depth Stop

J. Lock/Loosen of Motor Arm

K. Lock/loosen lever: to raise or lower all arms

L. Lock/Loosen  Split Arm

M. Lock/Loosen rotation of primary arm

N. Thumb Screw to Lock/Remove Motor Arm

O. Motor Arm 

Link for on-line Operating Instructions