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The Magma - Flow is an integral part of our Da Vinci Magma Porcelain Working Instruments Series, it was engineered to condense,  model and sculpture porcelain.

The "Mag-Flo" technique is based on  quadruple porcelain condensing that will maximize density and minimized shrinkage.

 1. Mix porcelain on a glass slab as you normally would , than vibrate the mix by passing the thin blade under the porcelain, this will cause any air to be released and porcelain particles to come together to fill the voids left by the air pockets.

 2. Scoop up enough porcelain to cover the blade, apply vibration to allow particles to align them self (similar to vibrating other material, causing them to settle). If further condensing is required at this time or you want the mix to be thicker allow blade to contact tissue paper, cotton roll etc, re-vibrate.

 3. Position blade in area you want the porcelain to be placed, with vibration the porcelain will Flow off the blade to desired location, under vibration model and sculpt the porcelain to desired shape (this process of modeling & sculpting will further condense the porcelain).

 4. After the build-up has the shape  you want, you can further condense the build-up by touching the side of the Mag-Flo's barrel to the model and  tissue to absorb excess liquid.


The Magma - Flow incorporates an air powered  vibrating motor that was designed to produce a specific frequency and is isolated from the body of the Mag-Flo to enhance its vibratory characteristics.

 The Mag-Flo comes with a foot pedal, frequency controller (can be used as a governor to set the maximum speed i.e. vibrations per second), flex blade and # 3 brush attachment.   

The sculptured body and cushioned finger grip of these instruments will bring out the artist in you.


Photos & Graphics by Vince Ferraro