Da Vinci "Magma Series"

Promo Modeling & Sculpting Instruments


Da Vinci "Magma Series"

Porcelain Modeling & Sculpting

Work Of Art

Art That Works

Ferraro-Dental   Porcelain Sculpting & Modeling Specialties.


We call them "Promo Modeling & Sculpting Instruments" because we retro-fit these Elegant "Pens" to accept "Bell de St. Claire" type blades. this gives new meaning to the saying The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

Man has been looking for a writing instrument that has just the right feel and we take it a step higher by turning it into an elegant & aesthetic  "Porcelain Modeling & Sculpturing Instrument".

We expect to add many additional styles as we research the various possibilities.   

As an added feature, the clip that holds the pen in your pocket is now called an anti-rotation clip that prevents the instrument from rolling off the bench top!!!



The sculptured body and cushioned finger grip of these instruments will bring out the artist in you.