On-Line Basic Operating Instructions


A. Lever to lock clamping arm to surveyors spindle.
 Surveyor spindle.
Vertical height  adjustment spindle.

D. Your hand piece.

E. Hand piece locking arm lever.

F. Hand piece locking thumb-screw.

G. Hand piece arm.

Thumb-screw to lock hand piece arm.





1.      Loosen Knob/lever (A).  Spread two halves of surveyor clamp, (upper clamping arm) slip onto surveyor's spindle.  Tighten Knob/lever. 

2.      Loosen Lever (E). Unscrew Knob (F) so that only a small portion of the threads of knob (F) extend into the inside area of the adjustable clamping arm.   Insert handpiece into V block.  Slide adjustable clamping arm in until it stops. (Note that threaded area of knob (E) should be touching handpiece).  Next lock lever (E).  The adjustable clamp is now positioned for that particular handpiece. Use knob (F) to secure or loosen handpiece. 

3.      Loosen both 1/8”set screws on upper clamping arm Raise or lower spindle (C) to desired height, tighten set screws. 

4.      To lock attachment and prevent side to side movement: tighten thumb screw (H) (not shown) on back side of V block.  Tighten your surveyor's spindle, locking knob.  (not shown).




Remember: Use Approved Safety Goggles, Dust Mask and Dust Collecting System, this applies to the user and all persons in the area.  

When inserting a bur/cutting tool into the motor, be certain that it is inserted all the way into the collet.  There should be a minimal amount of extension of the cutting tool shank.  Excess amount of extension of the cutting tool shank can be dangerous, especially high speeds. 

 Tighten collet sufficiently.  Rotate motor spindle by hand to confirm that the cutting tool is turning straight. (I.E., Centric).  If not, repeat procedure until the bur/cutting tool etc. turns straight and true. Be certain the cutting tool is appropriate and in good condition. 

Never run motor at high speed without a load on it.  (I.E., without milling-drilling etc.)  

Replace any damaged, worn or improperly functioning parts. 

Always heed all safety precautions 

Observe:  Before operating use all safety precautions and good common sense 

Replace any damaged, worn or improperly functioning parts. 

Familiarize your self with the features and functions of various aspects and components of the unit.  (See diagram). 

Approved safety goggles and dust mask are required for user and all persons in area. 

Use this tool in conjunction with an adequate dust collector. 

Do not use damaged or improperly working tool.  Have it repaired first.


Always heed all safety precautions!


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