Dental Model & Die Saw



The Dental Model & Die Saw

The Dental Model & Die Saw  was designed to incorporate five desirable features that will make sectioning dies faster, easier, and more accurate.

    1.  The handle can be adjusted from a negative angle top photo to a neutral angle middle photo to a positive angle lower photo.

     2.  Constructed of high grade aluminum insures light weight and strength.

     3.  The unique design allows the handle to be offset i.e., not inline with the saw frame.

     4.   Another unique feature is what we call "air hand-grip" the soft outer handgrip makes a four point contact with the metallic inner handgrip,  producing a very comfortable soft gripping surface.

     5.  The lever that locks the handle at the desired angle can be positioned on either side of the saw frame ( see top photo) accommodating right or left hand users. 


List price $125.00  U.S. Currency