Intra-Mill & Introductory Kit


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Introduction to Milling Kit 


The Introduction to Milling Kit  aids technicians in developing basic and advanced milling skills by practicing techniques in wax and metal, in the convenience of  their own lab and at a pace they feel comfortable with.

The kit consist of: air motor and arm (the Intra-Mill) that attaches to your Ney type surveyor; a foot-pedal to regulate the motor speed; in-line lubricator;  a practice model (Intra-Model) which holds practice-pins (sample of 6 wax & 6 metal pins included); two single and two double cut metal milling burs; one wax milling bur; sample of our #1,#2, #3 milling fluid, sample of our milling wax and a two piece quick-connecter.

Components can be purchased separately.

The unit can be attached to your Ney type surveyor & model holder in less than a minute.

For more information on  milling techniques visit our  technical web-site.  Click on our link:  

 (Technical Article)


 Price: $975.00  U.S. Currency

 Link for on-line Operating Instruction


Surveyor and model holder not included.


*  Manufactured and serviced in the USA

*  Technical advice available

*  Custom (Made to Order) capability

*  Re-Tooling and Machining capability

*  Up-Grading and Retro-Fitting

                Components:      Each.
Intra-Mill & Foot Pedal (in-line lubricator included) $ 799.00
Intra-Model / Concept Model (sample of 6 wax & 6 metal pins included) $   85.00
Intra-Wax Milling Pins (bag of 6) $     9.00
Intra-Metal Milling Pins (bag of 6) $   18.00
Single or Double cut Bur  $   15.00
Milling Fluid #1,#2,or #3  $   17.00


Photos & graphics by Vincent Ferraro