Dental Mill & Drill Attachment  

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  *  Manufactured and serviced in the USA

*  Technical advice available

*  Custom (Made to Order) capability

*  Re-Tooling and Machining capability

*  Up-Grading and Retro-Fitting



A welcomed design initiative.

 The Mill& Drill Attachment allows you to affordably upgrade your present surveyor to perform milling and drilling tasks.

The articulated arm and dual function design permits two options. The motor and arm can move freely, side to side while raising or lowering the motor/bur IE: Milling (on-the-fly), or if preferred, a surveying technique may be employed fixing motor and arm into a locked position and allowing the model and tilt base to perform the movement.

The unit will accept the extensive assortment of 1/8" Burs, Mills, Drills, and Wax Scrapers that we offer,  most of them are available in solid carbide, single or diamond cut.

For a comprehensive understanding of Bur-Configuration  see our technical article

Collets that allow you to use Handpiece Burs are available.

The Mill&Drill-Attachment can be installed or removed in seconds.
Just add your surveyor, air supply, burs and you are ready to start milling.

Contact us if you have any questions about adaption of the Attachment to your surveyor.


High torque 54,000 RPM air motor
An adjustable articulated arm,  A depth stop


Foot Control   Filter/Regulator/Lubricator

Price: $950.00 (U.S. currency only)

Link for on-line Operating Instructions

Photos & graphics by Vincent Ferraro