The- Proxi-Mill-Attachment

   The-Proxi-Mill-Attachment can be installed or removed in seconds from your NEY surveyor and is capable of milling in wax, semi-precious, or non-precious metals. It has a High-Torque variable speed motor with a maximum speed of 20,000 RPM. The design of the arm holds the motor rigidly and high enough to provide clearance for very tall models. The package consist of mounting arm, variable speed motor, foot pedal, two milling burs, milling fluid and a soon to be available demonstrational C-D. A comprehensive assortment of single and double cut carbide burs and other milling related items are available for this product.  

For a comprehensive understanding of Bur-Configuration  see our technical article


Link for on-line Operating Instructions


Price $   675.00 U.S. Currency

Photos & graphics by Vincent Ferraro




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