The Upside -Down Saw Deluxe

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The Upside-Down Saw Deluxe 

The Upside-Down Saw was designed to facilitate sectioning dies by sawing from the base (dowel pin) side up toward the margins. The saw is mounted on a stationary platform permitting adjustments: ranging from horizontal, accommodating technicians who prefer to stand over the saw, to vertical for those who prefer to sit while sectioning. Rigid construction of the saw frame allows the blade to be placed under high tension thus reducing flex and the tendency of the cut to wander.  Two units are available one for 5 pinned blades and the other for 4 pinned blades (for increased rigidity).  Suction cup feet standard on both models.  5" and 4" blades are available in both .010 (standard) or .007 (ultra thin).

Price $99.95 US Currency

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